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Other Things Being Equal - Musings from the Autumn Equinox

October 15, 2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

One of the most difficult concepts to embrace in life and love is one that is constant; change.  Things are always changing and they seldom to never change back to the way that we remember; as we are always on a journey of growth and perpetual motion forward as we are called and prepared to be and to do that which is necessary in the present moment.  It is by Divine design that nothing stays the same and everything that we see, know, feel, engage, and understand is always changing; we are always changing. 

I am more aware today that change for any of us is an inside job as it finds its beginning within the very core and essence of who we are, along with every facet of nature we begin to create beautiful and outward reminders for the onlooker that the whole world is changing in concert with us.   Today, we turn our attention to nature as she is preparing the trees to release their leaves; the myriad of species of the air to take flight and migrate toward warmth, while others begin to prepare to turn inward for a time of great rest.  In my own life, I have traveled to parts of the country to witness the beauty of this change that is already in motion and signaled by the manifestation of beauty in the colors of the leaves.  How far are you willing to go, to experience this change in yourself and others?  Today, the earth speaks to us and heralds that change is not just seasonal or a point of observation; it is a constant call both to and from the depths of us to participate and be a part of the loving flow that creates change in our world.

According to the almanac, the calendar and the very soul of the earth today is the point where this journey of autumn begins.  In my heart, I know that life is indeed a continuum and the earth has always been on a trajectory toward and into this day of the autumnal equinox.  Yet, on this day it is said that the day and night shall be of equal lengths as the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator.  Today, I invite you to know and experience an equinox of the soul, where all that we have been prepared to release and all that we have been prepared to receive and become are the same and equal in span and value to our living and our loving. Be willing to see the movement of light across the equator of your life and the work that you do in the world.  Today, please join us as we celebrate the many names of the constant of the earth; change, growth, harvest, life, birth as the focus of this day is not on the difference between them but rather the sameness of them.  As we enter into this season, be willing to know that which is always changing within you, others, and our world; and you find occasion to celebrate the wisdom of change.  My prayer for all of us is that the giving away and receiving into our lives becomes as constant as the air we breathe and that today may we note the inward and loving change that is set forth from the soul of all that is.  I bid you a good journey as you have already been prepared to do, be, and bear witness to this work within and in the world.  Blessed be your every motion, thought, and prayer.

These are the lessons that I have lived out loud, thrown upon this page as Just Words. May the essence of my life become light for your path and bread for your journey. Selah!

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