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You're It!

November 15, 2020 5:11 PM | Anonymous

Earlier this week, while out for my evening walk about the grounds, I happened upon some children running around playing. As I watched them from my swing (yes, my swing), I was reminded of two words that I decided to reclaim for myself and share this story of reclamation with you all.  

Sometimes, when I am working, one of the last things I want to hear is, “You’re it!”  Those two words have meant that I have inherited what feels like yet one more thing that I can’t get to today.  Living beneath the weight of this unexpectedness was my reality until a few hours ago.  Right now, the words “You’re it” have untold and certainly untapped power for each of us.  I could hear those words being spoken to my soul by Spirit, saying that which you seek, you’re it.  That which you ask for, you’re it.  That door at which you stand before and knock, you’re it.  Yup, there it is!  

Whatever we need, we are that for our very selves and the world around us at any given moment.  There is no delivery of grace, peace, joy, prosperity, hope, or abundance that is heading our way by accident; each one of us is already all of the things, feelings, perspectives, outcomes, and so much more, as they are made manifest in and as each of us. I believe that God withholds no good thing from us.  All the goodness, greatness, and courage that we need is right here within each of us.  In short, we are far from being and living in a vulnerable state of being; we are indeed powerful beyond our imagination.  So beloved, tag; you’re it! 

Know that you are in my heart and prayers as you wade out into what’s right for you.  Be blessed, and so it is, all because; You’re it!

Back to my regularly scheduled program of just being in the swing of this thing called life!

These are the lessons that I have lived out loud, thrown upon this page as Just Words. May the essence of my life become light for your path and bread for your journey. Selah!

Always Keeping Real,

Rev. Kathy

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