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Please Pass the Bread

January 15, 2021 7:19 AM | Anonymous

Living in these pandemic times has given me great pause, and in that pause, I consider momentarily that which I miss the most.  I must confess that there is a myriad of staples absent from the life I currently live, and one that floods my memory today is the presence and the work accomplished by table bread.  I miss sitting around a table filled with friends, laughter, story, advice, prayer, and openness.  In my pre-pandemic life, I came to know table bread as the welcoming experience that drew us into the lived out loud moment.  No matter how long it took our meals to join us at the table, the bread not only sustained us, it brought us together through its very presence.  Although we were seated by a hostess and carried on with the wait staff, it was the bread that often whispered, “Sit down and stay awhile with me.” It was often the first course, though never really counted as such, designed to be broken, pulled apart, touched by human hands, buttered, dipped, shared, and consumed to temporarily satiate even the heartiest of appetites before the meal arrived. It was and still is for me the communal element, part earthy in origin, part blessing in spirit, and part sacred in purpose.  It is my prayer that the power of bread in your lives is taken, blessed, broken, and shared.  You, all of you, are the grace and bread that sustains my soul.  I love you!


These are the lessons that I have lived out loud, thrown upon this page as Just Words. May the essence of my life become light for your path and bread for your journey. Selah!

Rev. Kathy

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