If you have heaviness of heart, or hardness of head, consulting a Practitioner can help.

        Whenever you're experiencing dis-comfort, dis-orientation, or dis-ease, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, it's time to see a practitioner. Whether it's chronic or critical, we encourage you to get relief via a particular form of affirmative prayer – what we call Spiritual Mind Treatment. SMT is a movement of mind that creates a shift in thinking and feeling which, aligning with that which creates all things, brings into manifestation our desired result. Our Practitioners together are known as the Community Care Group and they focus on the spiritual care and support of our community.

      Practitioners have completed 2 years of certified Science of Mind classes and an additional 3-year intensive study in Advanced Consciousness. They have successfully demonstrated tangible results using the creative power through formalized study and case studies. Practitioners can help you clarify your thinking and thus aid you aligining and manifesting what you desire.


Esmine Anthony, RScP

"I became a Practitioner to enhance my spiritual, emotional, psychological growth. As I learn and grow I become the me I came here to be - loving, giving, serving kindly and compassionately."

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Jack Bowen, RScP

"I started practitioner classes just to learn more about the philosophy.  Somewhere along the way, I realized that talking with people and helping them was immensely satisfying.  That's why I made the decision to actually become a licensed practitioner."

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Anthony Diaz, RScP

 "I became a licensed practitioner understanding this to be the highest calling - to serve and support others in knowing the truth of who they are. As a practitioner, this also allows me to continue going within and see the reflection of my inner mirror to raise my awareness and consciousness on a daily basis."

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Barbara Hart, RScP

“Some years ago I began to realize that the philosophies of Science of Mind that I love are almost like a spiritual twin to the body/mind work that I do as a teacher-practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method®, and I wanted to immerse myself as completely in this way of thinking, living and being as I had in my profession. Although I have retired as a licensed practitioner I am grateful to continue sharing the exploration of these pathways to wholeness and fulfillment with others as a prayer partner.”

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Melanie Hill

"When I started practitioner training I just wanted to get deeper into the Science of Mind study. I thought it would deepen me....and it did. Looking back, I became a practitioner because I wanted to utilize my training and I loved prayer. I wanted to help people get the results they wanted in their lives. I wanted to do them the honor of seeing no limitation in them. Years later, my beliefs and desires are still guided by this practice. Today, I am glad to be involved as a Prayer Partner for our Center."

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Lynne Mixson

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Rita Young

"I first stepped in the doors of a Science of mind Center in June 1989 and started class work in 1990. Just one of the many blessings of this Center for Spiritual Living is that it helped me open my heart to know and experience the Truth of who I am – A Magnificent, Beautiful Spiritual Being and to know that Truth for others – that You are a Magnificent, Beautiful Spiritual Being!"

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