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Why Service?

  • July 12, 2016 6:48 PM
    Message # 4128363
    Oral Nussbaum (Administrator)


    In Japan, the word “samurai” roughly translates to “those who serve.”

    Hinduism says, when work becomes worship, helping others is transformed into service to the God in everyone and everything. It involves giving of oneself freely without seeking anything in return.

    According to Islam, Allah advises us that our worship is incomplete without helping deeds, so we must translate our Iman (faith) and our beliefs into actions of service to humankind.

    In Sikhism, Seva refers to work or service performed without thought of reward. Seva is encouraged not only for the good of the community, but for the moral and spiritual growth of the giver.

    I could list more but the point would be the same, work performed begrudgingly is not the same as when the task is done with gratitude for the opportunity to give selflessly. When you start to think of it as work, take a deep breath and shift your thinking to the gift you are giving yourself and others!

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