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Recording and Uploading Sunday's Message

  • August 27, 2016 6:54 PM
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    Use the Recording Laptop (Dell Windows XP) to record and create the .mp3 that will be uploaded as this week’s web page audio. Prior to the beginning of Sunday's Service, Audacity should be opened as the software to record the message and then to export the .mp3 file. During the service, record the “Message” using Audacity. This recording once completed does not need to be saved and will only be exported as a .mp3 file following the standard naming convention for ease in identification to meet the Archive Requirements.

    1.   Connect the USB Interface to the Yamaha Mixing Board

    a.   Aux1 Out cable (Black Ring) to the Left Line Input

    b.   Aux2 Out cable (Red Ring) to the Right Mic/Line Input

    2.   Set Levels and Switches on USB Interface (see attached picture)

    a.   MON MIX set to OFF

    b.   LINE OUT set to OFF

    c.    PHONES adjust as needed to monitor

    d.   INPUT L and INPUT R set to 7

    e.   PHANTOM switch set to OFF

    f.     INPUT R switch set to MIC/LINE

    3.   Connect the USB Cable from the Interface to the Recording Computer

    The first step required in the process is to open Audacity. Play back some audio and check that the Green LEDs on the USB Interface are lighting up but not turning red. If turning red, then lower the level going into the USB Interface – this is done by turning down the Aux1 and Aux2 knob on the MIC1 Input Channel (channel used for Sunday’s Message Presenter) of the Yamaha Mixer. Once opened, double click the audio level meter at the top of the MENU BAR so that audio level is seen on the bar. Check that level is near the maximum but not totally clipping (over limit).

    When ready to record, press the record button in Audacity. The waveform will start to be created as the audio is recorded. To stop recording, press the stop button. Once recording is completed then go to the step of exporting the audio to mp3.

    On the file menu, select Export as mp3. Follow the prompts to enter Audio title information as desired and name the file with only words and dashes (NO SPACES). It will prompt to save to the proper location on the computer which is a folder on the desktop.

    There are two files needed for uploading, one with the name for archives and one with the name sunday_message.mp3 for use as this week’s web site message.

    Open the mp3 folder and find this week’s file that was just created and it should be on the bottom of the list as long as the naming convention was used correctly. "Right-Click" and copy the file and paste it on the Desktop.

    There is a file currently on the desktop named sunday_message.mp3 Click on this file to select the name and copy the name of the message. Once the name has been copied, delete this file (place it in the recycling bin).

    Rename this week's mp3 file as sunday_message.mp3. Be careful when renaming files that it does not loose the .mp3 extension. Next Press the START MENU and open the Network folder to Wild Apricot. If you cannot find it there, explore My Computer and go to Network Places. You will find the folder there. Double Click to open this network connection and it will prompt for username and password - both are already filled out - press enter/ok.

    Delete the existing sunday_message.mp3 file and them drag the newly named sunday_message.mp3 into the folder.

    Congratulations, the new web site audio has been uploaded.

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