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Rev. Kathy’s Annual Letter to the People of The Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living

Dear Ones,

What a remarkable year we have had thus far.  Time does indeed fly when we are having fun and making meaning together.  I am still so very honored to be your minister and to celebrate our journey.  Officially, we have been an online community for 79 weeks and counting. Our virtual gathering is supporting people, families, and communities across the country and around the world.  The vibrational goodness generated from our time together reaches on average 125 views per week between our live sessions and on our social platforms.  The proliferation of a positive and practical spiritual message is engaged in an average of 75 unique posts per week across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  I know that this may be a lot of numbers to some, and to me, this is a lot of change in the lives of people we may never know who stopped long enough to interact and perhaps change their thinking about themselves and the living of their lives.

This year has been an eventful one for me; here are a few of the highlights of my ministerial journey:

  • All courses for Religious Science ordination are complete!  Yes! Yes!
  • Invited to contribute 2021 CSL Annual Theme Message (The Beloved Community) to be featured October 3, 2021, for all ministers to use with their communities.
  • Invited to contribute to the 2022 CSL Annual Theme Message (The Wonder of Work) to be featured each Sunday in September 2022.
  • Participated in the Annual Ministers Gathering
  • Attended the CSL Annual Virtual Conference
  • Attended the 2021 SOAR Conference
  • Invited to support the CSL Ministerial Community by writing a monthly Affirmative Prayer/Spiritual Mind Treatment
  • Contributing Author to 4 Unity Special Booklets (Advent, Lent, Spirit of the Family & Annual Theme Imagination)
  • Opening Keynote Speaker for Unity’s Fillmore Festival
  • Sought after virtual guest speaker for Unity and CSL Spiritual Communities
  • Joined CSL Ocala as a guest panelist in their See No Stranger monthly series
  • Delivered the invocation for the Winter Park Council Meeting
  • Officiated five weddings, two memorials, one new home blessing, and one baby blessing
  • Invited to participate in statewide Fall Faith celebration with other local ministers, facilitate The Four Agreements on Sundays online with our Center, and virtually lead a class on Wednesday nights.  October 2021!

Beloved, please know that it has been my honor and pleasure to serve this community in the role of Senior Minister.  It has also been my privilege to support you with my prayers and vision for this moment and beyond.  I am forever changed by the grace of your laughter, the hope of your stories, and the depth of your love.  Being the Spiritual Leader of this community in times like these is my greatest work in this life.  For all that you are and all that you do, I am humbled and blessed.

Please know that I love you and all the work we do together, and there is nothing that you can do about that!

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Kathy

Rev. Kathy Beasley, BSBM, MAOM, MDiv

Senior Minister, Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living 

About Us

We spiritually enrich and support a diverse, inclusive, sustainable community.  We provide sacred space, comfort, education to support deeper, richer life. 

We are a vibrant, trusted community that provides spiritual growth, and personal and community development.

We Awaken Humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence!

We create and thrive in a world that works for all!  

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Phone: 321.200.0730

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 940310

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